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Frequently asked questions about beKEY:
Why does CONTROL-ALT-DELETE not work?
For security reasons, Windows® forbids the key combination CONTROL-ALT-DELETE to be emulated per software. However, if you only want to open the task manager, the key combination CONTROL-SHIFT-ESCAPE will work, too.
What does the Auto-Update function do?
The Auto-Update Funktion ("Check for program updates at startup" in the program settings) will not perform an automatic program update. If switched on, it will look on our webserver for a new program version on startup and display a message on the screen if a new version is found.
How can i update to a new version?
In order to update to the latest program version, just download the latest demo version from our website and install it. If you install it into the same directory as the old version, the old version will be replaced by the new one.
Your licensing key, your personal settings and your dictionary will be preserved!
If you have any questions regarding our products, please write to:
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